MKTG 214 Sales Management




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Hudson Valley Community College

Troy, New York




Course Title: Sales Management


Course Number: MKTG 214


Instructor: Paul M. Adams


Prerequisites: None




Semester Office Hours: By appointment. I will make a point to check email regularly and will be very responsive.

Text(s): Selling Today: Creating Customer Value 10/E, by Gerald L. Manning, Barry L. Reece

ISBN # 0-13-186683-4, Prentice Hall 2007 (Required)



Date Prepared: August 2008 Prepared By: Paul M. Adams


Course Overview

The Sales Management course is designed to give the student an understanding of the sales process. Sales are the starting point of profitability of the firm. Students will learn techniques to sell to customers. Topics include prospecting, value added selling and management of the sales force. Students will learn the importance of maintaining long-term relationships with customers as a way to foster a win-win situation with the firm and the customer. Cases and real world articles will be used to solidify the content of the text.


Grade Evaluation: Homework 25%

Quizzes 25%

Class Participation 25%

Final Project 25%


Homework There will be homework assignments assigned at various weeks throughout the course. These assignments are designed for the student to think independently through a topic in sales.


Quizzes Quizzes will be given throughout the semester to test student understanding


Class Participation - Learning takes place when the exchange of ideas flows freely. I put a high emphasis on class participation to develop students' communication and interaction skills. Class attendance is definitely important and participation in the class discussion will show command of a particular topic. Group projects within class will be performed and it is expected that all students will participate throughout the semester.


Final Project The student will study a product and determine its features and benefits. A plan will be put together as to the approach to use to sell the product.




Some Web Sites that will prove useful for this class and beyond: