MKTG 120 Principles of Marketing




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Hudson Valley Community College

Troy, New York




Course Title:         Principles of Marketing


Course Number:    MKTG 120


Instructor:             Paul M. Adams


Prerequisites:        None




Semester Office Hours:   By appointment. I will make a point to check email regularly and will be very responsive.


Text(s): Marketing, 9th Edition, by Roger A. Kerin, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius

ISBN # 0-07-241075-2, McGraw-Hill (Required)



Date Prepared:      December 2008                  Prepared By: Paul M. Adams


Course Overview

Principles of Marketing is designed to expose the student to topic of marketing. Marketing encompasses many functions including understanding customers, communicating to potential customers and determining customers wants and needs. This course will introduce the student to the various topics and will allow the student understand the role of marketing in the successful organization.


Grade Evaluation: Homework                                 30%

Midterm Exam                            25%

Final Project                              25%

                             Class Participation                      20%



Homework – There will be homework assignments assigned at various weeks throughout the course. These assignments are designed for the student to think independently through a topic in marketing.


Midterm Exam – An exam will be given midway through the semester which will test the students understanding of the various topics discussed up to that point.


Final Project – Students will be required to create a marketing plan, which will incorporate many of the topics discussed throughout the course


Class Participation - Learning takes place when the exchange of ideas flows freely. I put a high emphasis on class participation to develop students' communication and interaction skills. Class attendance is definitely important and participation in the class discussion will show command of a particular topic. Group projects within class will be performed and it is expected that all students will participate throughout the semester.


Attendance Policy – Students are expected to attend class on a regular basis. However, at times circumstances present themselves that do not allow students to attend. The policy of this class is that each student can miss two classes in the semester with a valid excuse without affecting their grade. Absences beyond this level are subject to grade reductions and should be discussed with the instructor. Any student missing more than 50% of the semester’s classes will not pass the course.




Some Web Sites that will prove useful for this class and beyond: