Artist's Statement

I am currently working toward an associate's degree in web design and programming. I plan to transfer to Sage of Albany to get my bachelor's degree in information design or graphic design.

Much of my artistic knowledge is self taught or has been gained through informal instruction. My recent coursework in Introduction to Electronic Arts gave me a better working knowledge of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, as well as some art history and theory.

I have been using photo enhancement software for four years. I began with Fireworks, and am currently working with Photoshop. I have done some 35 mm photography and extensive photo manipulation on my own, including designing graphics for small professional websites.

In my personal work, especially my photography, I try to add a fantasy element to even the most mundane situations. Sometimes I do this by taking long exposures, or by framing things in unusual ways. I find that the natural world is a great source of inspiration.

I am looking forward to getting more instruction and deepening my understanding and appreciation of art and design.

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