Take a look at these past student examples as examples of final portfolios and interactive stories. The project "interactive story has had different requirements in the past but you can still look at some of these student examples to give you ideas about your own project.

Look for projects called either "World as your Interface" or Non-linear story"

The idea of the interactive non-linear is to tell a story that gives the viewer options in the story. You can use images to tell the story.

Drew Suto Look for his non-linear piece (click on the eye of the woman once you get to the non-linear project page)

John RosselloLook for the non-linear piece.

Dan Marks- non-linear story

Rich Sagendorf- This piece works best in internet explorer because he used the Alt tag to tell a lot of the story, which doesn't show up in firefox. For this assignment, they were to create a story but with only pictures.

Jamie's portfolio -Look at her project called "Narrative" for an example of the non-linear narrative.

Ruth's portfolio His interactive story is at the end of her project list called non-linear

Steve's portfolio Select his dreamweaver projects and then the non-linear project.

Jim's portfolio His project was called "World as your Interface" and it it toward the bottom or his projects.

Andrew's portfolio His non-linear project is very good but extremely hard to find. Click to the left of the fence and you should get a pop up that says " World in your face sucker" -that's the project.

Matt Zitter- go to his project page and then the non-linear project.