Introduction to Electronic Art
Professor: Kyra Garrigue
Hudson Valley Community College

In the drop down menu below are 3 completely unique artists.

The first, Andy Warhol- I start with him because Warhol was famous for "appropriating" artworks from consumer culture. The subject of appropriation will come up several times throughout this semester.
The second artist, Camille Utterback is an artist working with interactive technology. Watch the video on her project, Text Rain.
The third is a piece created by a member, Ben Jones , of the art collective Paper Rad. Paper Rad is a group of young artist who make art based upon breaking the code (hacking) of video games and appropriating figures such as the mario brothers character and pac man into their own video pieces.
After viewing the 3 artists, and finishing this lecture, go to the Discussion Board and post your reactions to the 3. Make your initial post by 1/19 and then by 1/21 post some comments in return to your other classmates. Agree or disagree with their reactions.