Examples of New Media Art.
New Media art has also been called electronic art, digital art, computer art. The name changes with the technology.

Digitally maniulated images
Mariko Mori-Digitally manipulated images and videos using herself as the main character.

Oliver Wasow-Digitally manipulated photos

Alexander Apostol -closed buildings

Andreas Gursky-Digitally manipulated photos

Interactive installation
David Rokeby-Very Nervous system

Camille Utterback- Text Rain

Cyber Bodies
Stahl Stenslie- Skin Suit

Pac Man tribute from Paper Rad.

Olin Lialina. My boyfriend came back from the war

Interactive film
Jazz by Claus and Birge

The history of New Media Art

The power of images:

911 http://radified.com/911/911_index.htm
Chris Olifi The Virgin

The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten created the furor over depictions of Mohammed by publishing a series of 12 drawings after a local author said he was unable to find any artist willing to depict Mohammed for his upcoming illustrated book. The publication of the images in Jyllands-Posten has been condemned around the Islamic world, and has led to the burning of embassies and a boycott of Denmark by Muslim nations.

From BBC News, the tearing down of Saddam Hussein's statue.

Andres Serrano-portraits