Artist working with digital collage/montage

Scott Griesbach  Uses digital collage to make a social/political statement

Tracie Hilder A nice collection of digital works including collage and Digital montages.

Maria (Igarashi) Garcia  a large collection of digital images. She often uses herself as the model to duplicate her image, relocate herself and exaggerate her features.

A collection of artists working with collage and montage, some are digital.

Istvan Horkay Works incorporate the paintings of masters such as Rembrandt as well as etching, drawings, and other materials.

Ellen Land-Weber The present series of digital collages was begun in 1991, using Photoshop with scanned images from a negative archive, small objects, and image fragments from a collection of nineteenth century prints.

Pat Street uses antique paper items -- maps, tickets, photos, playing cards, postcards -- to create witty, poignant collages with a contemporary edge

Tom's Cave  Street scenes and architectural images

The Museum of Computer Art

Some example of students working with extreme scale in an RPI class


Text and Narrative Environments

Heath Bunting

Masaki Fujihata (from page 190 in Digital Art)

John Maeda

Tom White and David Small- Stream of Consciousness/Interactive Poetic Garden (view the larger movie file with audio)


Net artists (political)


Internet art

different ways to navigate/interact

look at the student projects



cory arcangel


Digital Artists working with Hyper-Reality

Oliver Wasow- photographer creating new realities often foreshadowing possibilities of a new technological future.

Moriko Mori creates new realities and uses herself as the model. (click on the images on the left to enlarge)

James Casebere -architectural images. He makes models and shoots them on large format cameras.

Craig Kalpakjian-digitally manipulated architectural images.

Alexander Apostol works with stereotypes of Latin American culture.

Andreas Gursky-large mural size images of interior and exterior spaces. Many of the images are digitally enhanced. 1ex. 2nd ex.


Artists working with recontextualizing images with text.

Annu Palakunnathu Matthew   Deconstructs the creation of message and context through visual images.

Barbara Kruger Juxtaposes text with images often bringing awareness of issues of objectification of woman and challenging male power.


Artist working with the influence of digital technology. (genetic engineering, new anatomies, extreme magnification, pixels as art, translating analogue into digital or vice versa...)

Daniel Canogar -magnifies and reproduces the body-separating parts from their original function to become entities of their own.

Joseph Scheer - high resolution scans of moths, extreme magnification becomes a reality

Jochem Hendricks Translates unseen activity into a visual image-the moving eye.

Dieter Huber- Project Klone, the motives of humans and where we would take genetic modification

Carl Fudge -merges traditional with digital art forms.

Joseph Nechvatal - uses a virus-like program to digitally alter and transform the image.