Intro of Digital Photography (Arts 133) - Hudson Valley Community College

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Real World Digital Photography, 3rd ed, Katrin Eismann

A camera with some type of manual exposure control is most appropriate for this course. A dslr is great but not strictly necessary. It's hard for me to recommend a model since I don't know what you're looking to spend. On the high end, dslrs have really come down in price, but they are still $500 or so. Used dslr cameras are a little cheaper and are getting easier to find. On the low end, the Kodak Easyshare is a pretty good camera. In the middle? A Nikon or Canon compact camera would be a good choice, although they are nearly the same cost as a lower end dslr. Here are links to some cameras that would work for the course:

nikon dslr

canon dslr

nikon coolpix

kodak easyshare