SPRING 2003 - COLLEGE FORUM - FORM 102 – 01, CRN# 30001

Week 1   1/16/03  

Course overview – Syllabus/Course Expectations/Grading
Add-Drop (deadline
1/20/03) vs. Withdrawal (deadline 4/11/03)

Week 2   1/23/03  

Overview of A.A., A.S., A.A.S., A.O.S. degrees
College terminology: Full-Time/Part-Time, Matriculated/Non-matriculated

Bring HVCC Catalog and Student Handbook


Week 3   1/30/03  

Security/ Sexual Assault /Sexual Harassment video
Security MANDATORY ASSIGNMENT – Sandy Stopera, guest speaker

Week 4   2/6/03  

Academic Support - LAC/LRC – meet in the library multi-purpose room!
Library Orientation ASSIGNMENT (DUE
LAC Workshop Summary ASSIGNMENT (DUE 5/1/03)

Week 5   2/13/03  

Reading a Syllabus ASSIGNMENT (DUE 2/20/03)
Bring course syllabi

Week 6   2/20/03  

Meet in BTC Auditorium Voices Lecture Series
"The African Spirit: Inherited Strength” The Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, will present an overview of the cultural richness of Africa.

Week 7 2/27/03

Academic Policies & Requirements ASSIGNMENT (DUE 3/6/03) Bring HVCC Catalog and Student Handbook
Review of academic terminology, graduation requirements, calculating your GPA, grading and honors; options for earning academic credit           

Week 8 3/6/03

Midterm Grades and Academic Standing (Good Standing, Probation, Suspension and Dismissal Categories)
Bring HVCC Catalog and Student Handbook

Retention and Satisfactory Academic Progress Tables; Waiver process  

Week 9 3/13/03

Preparation for next semester scheduling/ Change of curriculum procedure
Review Master schedule, Course Listings, Review of curriculum requirements

Bring HVCC Catalog -
Class Schedule Worksheet ASSIGNMENT
(No specific deadline, however the earlier it is turned in, the greater chance
you will receive your first choice of Fall 2003 courses and time schedule)

Week 10 3/20/03

Continuation with Fall 2003 scheduling
Transfer/Occupation ASSIGNMENT (DUE

Week 11 3/27/03


Week 12 4/3/03 Values clarification
Week 13 4/10/03

Career Services: Surfing the Web for career information and job opportunities
Meet in BTC 1030

Week 14 4/17/03


Week 15 4/24/03

Keirsey Temperament Sorter ASSIGNMENT (DUE 5/1/03)
BRING Keirsey Temperament Sorter to class

Week 16 5/1/03


Week 17 5/8/03

Evaluations; Predicting GPA: Academic Standing: Dean’s List? President’s List?

This schedule is subject to change, if necessary, by announcement in class.  Assignments will be accepted no later than the class meeting following the due date. I will allow one extra-credit assignment to be substituted for an assignment of your choice: documented attendance at a college sports, cultural, or educational event on campus. THIS MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY INSTRUCTOR               JMH 1/03

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