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Tips to Avoid Plagiarism
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Here are some helpful hints to avoid falling into the trap of plagiarism:

  • When you are doing your research it is very important to keep some kind of detailed research log so that you can refer back to, and properly cite, sources of ideas and quotations that are not your own. This log can be in any form that you are comfortable with; it will not be part of what you hand in to the professor.
  • In a research paper it is necessary to back up your thesis statement with facts that you have researched. Do not hesitate to do so; just make sure that they are properly cited.
  • Your professor wants to see that you are understanding, synthesizing and interpreting the material. Do not simply parrot what you have read; put it in your own words. It is also important to use your critical thinking abilities to make the paper your own. If you have any questions about citation format and rules, ask for help at the Learning Assistance Center on the bottom level of the Marvin Library.
  • Most of you know that it is NEVER acceptable to copy something out of a book, magazine, newspaper or website without citing the source appropriately. It does not matter if it is only a phrase and not a full sentence.

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