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World's Best-Kept Secret: Off-Site Access
To Library

The contemporary library is not simply a dusty repository of books. It is a treasure trove of all sorts of information: books, databases and the Internet are available for patron use. But libraries are more complex than ever. Don't think you're the only one who is lost when you walk in the door. Research shows that up to 85% of college students delay starting research assignments due to "library anxiety". (Source: Adirondack Community College Information Literacy Handbook, 2000).

HVCC students also typically balance schoolwork with significant personal and financial responsibilities (family, job, etc.). You need to take advantage of anything that offers flexibility in scheduling and/or ease of use. Well, here's the secret: A lot of the information contained in a library is accessible through their web site!

I can search Consumer Reports from the comfort of my own living-room through the web site of my hometown public library. (As can any New York State resident, thanks to the New York Online Virtual Electronic [NOVEL] project). All I need is a valid library card.

Or, as a registered HVCC student you have access to all the databases on the Marvin Library web site from any computer with Internet capability. So you can read all about the first case having to do with global warming and the Bush Administration to go before the Supreme Court on Lexis-Nexis. Your username and password are the same ones you use to access Blackboard or your HVCC mailbox.

And guess what? You don't have to have a computer at home (or, if you do, you don't have to kick your little brother off it). You can use the Internet at your public library to access the HVCC databases.* And you can use the computers in the Marvin Library to check your hometown library catalogue!

So get creative with your time. Let your libraries and librarians help you in your busy world. You'll be ahead of the game.

*Check your local library for availability. Each library has their own policy on Internet access.