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Welcome to my space! My purpose in designing this site is to provide HVCC students with a little more help in doing library research. Even if you have already mastered some basic library skills, such as how to find a book and check it out, there are many tips and tricks contained in this site that you may find useful. Pick a topic listed on the toolbar below, and click on it for more information.

Dictionary of Library Lingo
Developing a Thesis Statement
Writing a Research Paper
Using Call Numbers
Evaluating Web Sites
Searching Made Simple
Subject vs. Keyword
Boolean Searching

Knowing how to find and use information is important. The tools that I outline on this site are useful in the broader category of information literacy. Information literacy is defined as being able to recognize the need for more information, choose where and how to look for it, and decide how to use it. Information literacy skills will not only help you in your academic career, but also in "real" life.

Here's what becoming information literate can help you do:

  • Buy a dependable car for the right price.
  • Get a good job.
  • Find out about a health concern.
  • Impress your professor and earn you a good grade.
  • While you're a student at HVCC you have professors and librarians willing and eager to help you. If you take the time now to learn how to find appropriate information for a given task, you'll be well-armed for the working (and playing) world.

    Click here to learn more about the importance of information literacy. Click here to learn about off-site access to the library.